Nan Noble House

The House of Chao Fongkham is a large, rambling teak house in classic Northern Thai style. Chao Fongkham was a descendant of Chao Anantaworarithidej, the 62nd Lord of Nan and the father of the last two Lords. The oldest parts of the house show planks formed by axe and knife, before large saws were available in Nan.

At the time it was built, about 150 years ago, such large teak houses were reserved for the nobility. It is probably the best preserved such noble house in the whole province. Originally erected in the area of Nan now occupied by the military camp, it was moved to its current site, on a quiet soi behind Wat Pragert, by Chao Fongkham's parents, about 100 years ago. It is now occupied by Chao Fongkham's children .

GPS:   18/47/18 ( 18.789617 ) N, 100/46/58 ( 100.785655 ) E